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Derrick with the Dog Whisperer
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Training Dogs with Reinforcement and Corrections

Warning to all dog owners!

Food-Bribery dog trainers Method:
Real and legitimate and professional dog trainers don't bribe with food. You need to get the dog to want to cooperate just because the Dog loves you and trusts you. Our training Method is based on respect And trust, not bribing with Food, you will never get off leash obedience Or control with Food Bribery, when you have the right Kind OF Relationship With your dog there, are virtually no behavior problems, and the dog obeys without a leash. Food-Bribery Amateur dog trainers, method is the One where the dog never gets trained and the dog no longer respects the Owners. The dog begins biting people as a direct result of owners trying to train their dogs with Food.Then the dog has to be destroyed. Giving an aggressive or dominant dog food to train it is extremely dangerous positive reinforcement Food-Bribery dog training and clicker training doesn't work Bribing with food makes many dogs even more dangerous to children eating In there presence. Food Bribery makes many dogs even more aggressive and Dominant.

Food-Bribery is not working with most breeds of dogs. You will never Get your dog to behave without a leash. Especially small breeds because they Are usually more stubborn, defiant and harder to train than large breeds. Food-Bribery does absolutely nothing to control a bad dog or puppy behavior. Food-Bribery won't work to control separation anxiety, destructive chewing and Virtually every other behavior problem dog owner’s face. If you think the Amateurs and Rookies at the pet stores and parks calling themselves dog trainers, and bribing dogs with food for everything, will get your dog trained or under control, keep wishing! Dog owners don't waste your time and money on this nonsense, and call us to learn how to train your dog fast without Food Bribery.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog. It is very important For you to be fun, fair and firm with your dog, what firm means is, making The rules. If you don't make the rules, your dog will make them, and you won't like them. A good trainer can show you how to make rules without bribing with treats.

"To Correct and Protect"

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