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Training Dogs with Reinforcement and Corrections

Problem Solving
A trainer cannot solve problems in the home when he or she has never been there. If you need your dog trained at your home. You need dog training at your home. There are three phases of dog training.

#1 Learning
#2 Corrections
#3 Distractions

All dogs need to be trained and domesticated to be a good and loyal companion dog.

Which dog-training collar should I use?

Pinch Prong Collars
Pinch Prong Collars- have saved many dogs live and only should be used, if at all, for a short time just while training.

Electronic Shock Collars
Electronic Shock Collars- we are not against them because they do save many dogs lives and are humane when used properly. Electronic Collars are supposed to be a tool of last resort for off-leash training and behavior modification. Our experience is that Shock Collars often does more harm than good and often ends up with a nervous broken-spirited, skittish dog.

Choke Chains
Choke Chains can cause tracheal and oesophogeal damage and severely sprained Necks.

Gentle Leaders Halters
Don't listen to the Amateurs or Rookie dog trainers at the pet store, these dangerous halters come off and can cause cervical and spinal Injuries to dogs if the dogs lunges because it turns the head. Dog halters are stupid because they don't teach the dog anything, they know when iIt is on and off: dogs usually hate them and flip out and try and get it off. That and you risk spinal injury to your dog if you use one.

We recommend you train your dog so you don't have to use training collars, it will most likely cost less and you won't permanently ruin your dog if you call a professional dog trainer.


  1. NEVER, EVER hit the dog. If you must discipline, grab the dog by the scarf of the neck and shake him or her.
  2. NEVER call the dog towards you in order to discipline, give medicine or bathe.
  3. Every time you prepare your dog’s food, call the dog by his or her name and let him come to you and the food. Tell the dog to sit when it gets there.
  4. 45 minutes to an hour after the dog eats, take him out and let him stool. Never bring the dog inside until he does so.
  5. 15-30 minutes after the dog drinks water, take him out to urinate. Stay with him until he does so.
  6. After he stools or urinates, praise him and take him back into the house.
  7. Take the dog out the same door each and every time when taking him out.
  8. Put garlic in the dog’s food to ward off fleas.
  9. NEVER wrestle the dog for anything he puts in to his mouth. Raise the dog up off the ground by his collar OR raise his front paws at lease 6 inches off the ground without saying anything to him.
  10. Prior to me coming, isolate the dog from everyone and everything. Do not give the dog any food for at least 4 hours prior to the lesson. Remove all toys from the area so that he cannot entertain himself all day.
  11. Do not allow children to be rough with the dog. This will instigate child aggression and children being attacked by the dog.
  12. Talk or give commands at a normal voice. Be stern but maintain a normal tone; there is no need for yelling unless he disobeys or does not acknowledge a command. Whenever the dog does something you command it to, praise the dog. Praise is vitally important to the nurturing and bonding process.
  13. Everyday for 30 minutes, rub, pat, and just give the dog lots of love.
  14. Whenever possible, allow people to touch, play or rub the dog for a short period of time.
  15. Most important rule is; Be patient with your dog.
  16. Always start your obedience training with play. By doing so helps your dog enjoy and understand the training.
  17. You should work-out your dog 30 minutes a day, at a minimum of 3 days a week.
  18. Always begin and end the training with play
  19. During the training you should always give verbal and physical praise.
  20. During training do not let him associate with any other dog – socialization will come at its proper time. Never let the dog interact with any people during the training lesson.

"To Correct and Protect"

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