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Why do dogs Bark?

Barking in addition to whining, howling and growling, is a dog's, Natural means of communication, A dog's bark can signify territorial protection, extertion Of dominance, or expression of some need, Typically barking is a means of communication, Triggered by excitement. Being a natural trait, barking is not considered a behavioral problem, Until it is excessive.

Causes Of Problem Barking. Problem barking has a variety of origins. Genetic does Influence dogs tendency to bark of dog. The key to solving the problem Of excessive barking is to determine what stimulus is triggering the behavior. Improper Confinement can be a reason of problem barkers. Inappropriate confinement can cause Frustration in a dog and cause it to bark excessively.

Solution to Excess Barking. The first step in solving problem barking is to determine If you’re dog is barking in response to inadequate shelter or improper confinement. If this is the case, provide the dog with proper space and shelter, Increase the amount of Exercise given to your dog may also help. You should use verbal re-primand.

Such as "No! Also keep in mind the punishment should be applied while the barking Is occurring. Please reward your dog when if stops barking. Indirect intervention methods Can also be applied. These techniques can range from spraying your dog with water While it is barking. In the event your dog is resistant to, bark breaker noise device. More Drastic action can be taken in form of bark activated shock collars. This device Is particularly effective when barking occurs in the owner’s absence. Shock Collars, However are recommended only after other control measures have failed. A Final resort, when the dog’s life is in question is a vocal cordectomy (debarking)! This Surgical Procedure involves removal of all or part of the vocal cords. Closely Associated with improper confinement is lack of exercise as a cause of excess barking. Environmental sounds can also trigger barking other causes of problem barking can include Separation anxiety, or the temperament of the dog. A strongly territorial dog may Bark at any stranger entering your property.

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